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Simplifying dining

in the new normal

As a restaurant or bar, you are needing to pivot. A tool that helps you create a safer space, reduce food waste, lower labour costs, increase the table turnover and provide faster service all for an affordable price, is the best way for you to survive and thrive in our new normal.

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Safer Dining

Quicker Turnover

Reduce Costs

Bar Connect’s messaging system alerts guests when their food and beverages are on their way and reminds them to put on their mask, helping your guests and staff feel safer. Bar Connect also has contact tracing directly built into the system, therefore staff can focus on what matters most – serving your guests.

Working with the staff, Bar Connect gives guests an immediate connection to the server cutting down wait times through its efficient messaging and operating system. Customers not only are able to order using Bar Connect, but make requests and pay all from their own phone, both at the table, before entering or when ordering takeout.

Guests access the menu directly on their phone, so no wastefully printing or cleaning menus. Bar Connect allows for ordering and direct messaging between servers and guests, eliminating unnecessary check-ins and allowing staff to cover more tables, which helps to reduce labour costs.

How Bar Connect supports your restaurant

Bar Connect is Affordable

With dining rooms being closed for so many months, we know you can’t afford to invest in a new, expensive system.

  • Low start-up fees

  • Delayed start-up payment of 60 days

  • No stand by costs

  • Very cost efficient

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