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Why Bar Connect will help you




  • Made for the new normal, with a COVID tracing system built in and customers accessing the menu directly on their phone, so you don’t need to worry about paper wastage or endless menu cleaning. 

  • Working with staff to cut down wait times and improve table turnover, with customers not only able to order but make requests and pay all from their own phone, both at the table, before entering or when ordering takeout.

  • Live menu updates, meaning no more 86 situations and the ability to test new deals and menu items.

  • Reduce food wastage with the ability for customers to cut items off their order that they don’t want.

  • Staff phones are not involved and you are able to pre-program customer messages, helping you stay on brand

  • Low start-up costs, no stand-by fees and an easy and fast system to set-up.

  • By using your phone to order, communicate with staff and pay, means you can eliminate nearly 90% of contact touchpoints.  

  • Working with staff, wait times are cut down with the ability for you to order even before you’re seated. Bar Connects messaging system means you can ask for refills or more sauce as soon as you need them.

  • Customer safety and privacy is of the upmost importance to Bar Connect. The system acts as a COVID tracer and we manage your phone number and email address, keeping it confidential while Paypal takes care of payment security.  

  • One-time registration. Once you download and register with Bar Connect, you are set and can use the app to order at any other Bar Connect system restaurants. As well, your allergy alerts are saved in our system, so every Bar Connect system restaurant receives your allergy info with each order.

  • Together you and Bar Connect will make a great team…It’s okay, you can have all the tips!

  • Customers order, message, and pay directly from their phones eliminating nearly 90% of contact touchpoints and limiting your chances of exposure, and freeing up time so you can handle more tables.

  • You are even able to send a courtesy message to customers to put on their masks, helping to keep you safe. 

  • QSRs have seen an increase in sales when customers use their self-ordering kiosks. Now all restaurants can enjoy the same benefits, with Bar Connect. Bar Connect and staff working together leads to higher table turnover and proven larger order sizes, which means more and larger tips. 

  • No need to be a wordsmith or spend time crafting responses. You will be able to communicate using pre-developed messages.

  • Bar Connect provides you with the customers names, helping you to build rapport 

  • You don’t have to worry about remembering all the specials or having to return to a customer and letting them know you are sold out of a menu item. Management is able to make real time edits to the menu, hiding 86’d dishes and adding specials.

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